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The experts have spoken: gray interiors will soon be outdated. Interior designer Susan Hayward tells Insider, “Gray interiors are on their way out, along with cool tones in general.” Meanwhile, another interior designer, Lindsey Putzier, says her clients are “tired of being stuck in a white and gray wasteland for the past year. Especially in cloudier states, it’s depressing when the only color you see, both inside and outside, is gray” (via Homelight). Gray has been popular throughout homes for a while now, but one of the rooms most plagued by gray is the bathroom.
Gray may be a popular choice for the bathroom because it’s a space where many people strive to have a neutral, calming, and clean aesthetic. According to a survey by Home Stratosphere, 22.66% of people still say gray is the best color for bathroom walls. Since so many people still like the neutral hue, how can it be going out of style? And what color will replace gray walls in the future? In this article, we’ll explain why you’ll likely see fewer gray bathrooms this year and give you a sneak peek at some up-and-coming bathroom design trends. 

To put it simply: gray bathrooms have become boring and commonplace in interior design. Gray was an essential shade during the decade of minimalism, farmhouse décor, and industrial chic. However, the 2020s have ushered in a new era of eclectic design, with bold patterns, collected décor, and handmade items at the forefront, notes Forbes. Now that trends like maximalism are taking the design world by storm, gray walls simply don’t translate into very unique spaces. 
Interior designer Lisa Modica tells Homes & Gardens, “I like to tell people that gray is an accent color — not a whole room scheme! Gray is too cold and doesn’t convey the personality of the people living there. Sure, it’s neutral, and it’s often still a go-to for home staging, but home staging is more about making a space so neutral you can imagine anything there.” Although gray walls were, for a time, the epitome of a cool, neutral, and relaxing home, people are starting to crave more energy. Modica elaborates, “As a designer, I don’t generally care about trends as much as creating designs and color schemes specifically for my clients, but I’ve definitely had a lot of people asking me how to redo their gray and white homes and how to incorporate color and warmth again.” 

As we shift away from spaces that look like barren hotel bathrooms, what can we expect to see next? The next big trend in interior design is more of a life lesson than a particular style or color. We’re entering a time when people are encouraged to dive deep into themselves and consider what they truly like. In other words, practically anything goes, from bold pops of color to vintage bathroom tiles or handmade bamboo vanities. Modica says, “People want their homes to feel like a reflection of them, their personalities and interests, a place they can feel the most authentically themselves. I don’t know anyone — thankfully — who has a gray personality” (via Homes & Gardens.) 
There’s no need to despair if you still love the color gray. While current trends have shifted toward more saturated hues and jewel tones, Benjamin Moore states that neutral paint colors like gray, white, and beige still sell more than any other colors. Trends come and go, but gray paint won’t be disappearing anytime soon. If you want to give your bathroom a modern update while still keeping your favorite color around, follow Modica’s advice and incorporate gray into décor and furniture instead of the walls.


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