Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Jebel Shams blanketed in snow as temperatures plunge to sub-zero
Cairo: A famed mountain, claiming Oman’s highest peak, has put on an alluring winter apparel, blanketed in snow as temperatures fell below the sub-zero.
Followers on social media posted videos showing the Jebel Shams, Arabic for the Mountain of the Sun, covered with snow, enhancing the allure of the tourist attraction, standing around 3,009 metres above the sea level.
Temperatures reached -1 degrees Celsius early morning on Tuesday at Jebel Shams in north-eastern Oman, according to media reports.
An official at Oman Meteorology was quoted by Times of Oman as saying that a sub-zero temperature and high humidity led to freezing rain falling on the mountain Monday evening.
The mountain derives its name from being the first place to see sunrise and sunset in Oman due to its high peak.
Jebel Shams in Oman’s Al Dakhiliyah governorate, around 240km from Muscat, is also known for its moderate summer weather and diverse flora, making it a major tourist spot.
It also boasts Al Nakhur Canyon, labelled as the Grand Canyon of Arabia.
Starting Tuesday, Oman is experiencing a low air pressure, resulting in rainfall of varying intensity in the Sultanate. According to a meteorology report, the rain peak will happen on Wednesday and Thursday when heavy rains are forecast in the country’s northern governorates.
Temperatures have dropped in several parts of Oman, plummeting to 3 degrees Celsius in the area of Seiq in South Al Sharqiya governorate.

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