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From the latest TikTok food trend to the recipes celebrity chefs are sharing on social media, the internet is filled with information for aspiring home cooks seeking dinner ideas or wanting to bake the perfect warm treat on a chilly day. So it’s no surprise that some of the top searches by Yahoo users are recipes.
Whether you’re curious how to make the perfect loaf of banana bread or are on the hunt for a new recipe for this year’s chili cook-off, these are the 18 most searched-for recipes in Yahoo Search in 2022 — along with some of our favorite ideas for each.
There’s nothing more comforting than a warm slice of banana bread, fresh from the oven. From viral TikTok recipes (like this one from Cooking With Shereen, which has more than four million likes on the app) to Haylie Duff’s recipe, which she makes to use up bananas that have started to brown, the internet is full of delicious ways to try the popular bread.
Chicken can be used in almost any type of recipe, whether it’s a sheet-pan meal like this one from chef Pati Jinich or a simple weeknight arroz con pollo from Eva Longoria.
Curious how to cook pork chops? You’re not alone. Pork chop recipes were among the most searched in 2022, which is why Yahoo Life spoke with chef Dale Talde to get his tips for grilling the best pork. On. TikTok, nearly one million users have viewed videos on making smothered pork chops and over a million have checked out the #PorkChop hashtag to see how their fellow TikTokers are cooking the other white meat.
Seafood lovers were on the prowl for shrimp scampi recipes in 2022. The pasta dish, which is heavy on garlic and butter flavors, has been given an extra-lemony twist by Martha Stewart and can be paired nicely with a rosé wine, as evidenced by this Rosé Shrimp Scampi recipe from The Retro Foodie.
Chef Brooke Williamson shared with Yahoo Life the importance of cooking with high-quality fresh seafood, and salmon is no exception. The Top Chef alum shared her recipe for salmon with tomato and fennel soffritto and pine nut dukkha, saying, “it has deep spices with the coriander, cumin and sesame seed dukkha, yet a light base with tomatoes, piquillo peppers, fennel and onion.”
Few things are as comforting, warm and delicious as a freshly made lasagna. It’s hard to go wrong with this iconic combination of cheeses, sauce and meat, but if you’re looking for a new lasagna recipe to try, we recommend this Pesto Rosso Lasagna from Daphne Oz, or taking your standard lasagna recipe to the next level with Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio‘s four-ingredient pasta sauce recipe.
Zucchini can replace spaghetti noodles, get stacked in place of lasagna noodles or get served up sautéed and topped with Parmesan cheese, but spaghetti alla nerano may be the best zucchini recipe we found this year. Stanley Tucci made the dish famous on his CNN series, Searching for Italy, but the Big Night actor told Yahoo Life it’s something he only makes for small groups due to how time-consuming it can be. “You have to fry a lot of [zucchini] in order to feed my family,” he said.
Dishing up simple party appetizers like jalapeño poppers and pigs in a blanket or as well as pot roast and creamy macaroni and cheese, The Pioneer Woman host Ree Drummond was the most searched-for recipe creator in 2022.
Perhaps the ultimate comfort food, recipes for the classic chocolate chip cookie were popular in 2022. But the chocolate chip love isn’t new: Cookie-baking expert and Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi has baked her version of chocolate chip cookies with her monthly Bake Club, and more than 800 million TikTok users have viewed videos of the delicious cookie (tagged with #ChocolateChipCookie) on the app.
Searches for air fryer recipes ranked high in 2022, so much so that Yahoo Life took the time to ask: Can you cook a Thanksgiving turkey in the popular appliance? (The answer is yes!) As you’re hunting for more delicious air fryer recipes, check out this air fryer 101 story, where we break down everything new air fryer users should know before powering on.
A Russian pasta dish made with beef, mushrooms and sour cream, Beef Stroganoff had Yahoo Search users salivating this year. Some of our favorites? Siri Daly’s version, which uses leftover beef roast, and this classic Betty Crocker version, which calls for easy-to-find grocery ingredients.
In 2022, Yahoo Life learned that The Drew Barrymore Show co-host Ross Mathews has a tradition based around chili: “I always make it for my friends: I call it ‘chili with my homies,'” he said. “I just think no matter how bad your day is, if you have a bowl of chili with a little dollop of sour cream and some fresh onions and chives, the day can’t be that bad.” Want to “chili” with your own homies? Mathews has a white chicken chili recipe that’s perfect.
Chili isn’t the only meat-based soup that saw search traction in 2022. Beef stew was also popular among Yahoo Search users. This winter, try Preppy Kitchen cook John Kanell’s version, which gets its flavor from the addition of red wine and brandy.
It’s creamy, it’s savory and it takes an ordinary piece of bread to the next level. Chicken salad was a popular search term this year, leading us to bookmark recipes like Tyler Florence’s version, made with cranberries and brie, and Richard Blais’s Deviled Chicken Salad-Stuffed Avocados.
There are nearly a million recipes for #PotatoSoup shared on TikTok, from an easy version made in the slow cooker with frozen diced potatoes, to one made from scratch with loads of crispy bacon.
Ree Drummond claims to have the “best peach cobbler recipe,” while chef Carla Hall calls her version “a true Southern cobbler.” Whichever version you make, you’ll be in good company, as searches for the peachy dessert were at the top of the list this year.
Summer gardening can lead to plenty of about-to-expire zucchini laying around the kitchen. This year, zucchini bread was a top-searched recipe, and for good reason. More than eight million TikTok users have viewed #ZucchiniBread videos, from clips sharing Grandma’s favorite way to make it to zucchini bread packed with chunks of chocolate.
Chef Leah Cohen loves cooking Filipino-style chicken adobo, while TikToker Eitan Bernath feels sentimental about his grandmother’s chicken soup recipe. Further proving chicken just may be the most popular dinnertime protein, 2022 brought a surge in searches for chicken breast recipes as well.
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