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New York, December 8, 2022
Thank you, Madam President,
I would also like to thank the Special Representative, Mr. Abdou Abarry, for his presentation. France congratulates you on your appointment, we are delighted, and we wish you every success in your work as head of the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa. I would also like to welcome the presence today of the President of the Economic Commission for Central African States at this meeting.
Madam President,
I would like to emphasize two points.
Firstly, we must of course continue to support the political processes in the region.
In Chad, the holding of the national dialogue, the signing of the Doha peace agreement, and the appointment of an inclusive government with the participation of representatives of the opposition were positive steps. But the violence of October 20 reminded us of the fragility of the transition underway. The fight against impunity is essential to promote national reconciliation and allow the transition to continue. This is why an international, impartial and independent investigation must be conducted as soon as possible. We are pleased that Chad has accepted the principle, and we hope that the United Nations will be able to play a full role. The perpetrators of these unacceptable acts must be condemned.
In Cameroon, France remains concerned about the situation in the Northwest and Southwest regions. During his visit to Cameroon last July, the President of the Republic reaffirmed France’s mobilization in the search for a political solution, in support of the decentralization process. He encouraged the Cameroonian authorities to continue the dialogue.
In the Central African Republic, a greater commitment from the countries of the region, under the impetus of the African Union, under the impetus of ECCAS, is necessary for the political process to make significant progress. And we encourage the UNOCA to continue to mobilize the States and organizations of the region in this sense.
After the events of the last few days, France also reaffirms its commitment to the stability of São Tomé and Principe. São Tomé and Principe is today an example of democracy in the region.
Finally, the priority for Central Africa must also be respect for human rights and inclusive governance, through electoral processes that allow for the free and equal participation of all actors, especially women and young people.
Madam President,
The second priority I would like to highlight today is the protection of the population.
France welcomes the improved coordination between the region’s security and defence forces within the Multinational Joint Task Force, which makes it possible to combat the terrorist threat of Boko Haram and the Islamic State in West Africa.
We remain very concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation. The response to all humanitarian needs must accelerate. The region is bearing the full brunt of the dramatic consequences of the war in Ukraine, particularly on food security, and the adverse effects of climate change as you mentioned, Mr. Special Representative.
Madam President,
In view of the challenges facing Central Africa, UNOCA’s support is indispensable. France welcomes its work and the strengthening of ties with regional organizations. We reiterate our full support for the work of the Special Representative.
Thank you.
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