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Zikr1 is one of the most popular devices used by Muslims because of its immense usefulness. In a busy and hectic life schedule, people often miss out on exact prayer time reminders, which causes a lot of distress and anxiety. Now, with the help of Zikr, Muslims no longer have to worry about a number of things. Smart-looking digital users that are helpful are always treasured, and so is Zikr1.
Best Features of Zikr1:
OLED Display: In digital devices, display clarity is of extreme importance. The OLED display helps show time, prayer times, and the number of chants. Thus, the user doesn’t have to worry about prayer times or the number of chants.
Top-quality Material: This plays a critical role in the design, durability, and aesthetics of smart rings. Zikr1 is made using a high-quality zinc alloy that is resistant to rust and water. The watch is quite comfortable and robust in nature, which assures its durability.
Prayer Reminders: This is probably one of the best features of the smart ring. It has a built-in Bluetooth that can be connected to the iQibla app. Users can receive prayer time reminders at least five times, which means they are not going to miss their prayer schedule under any circumstance.
Tasbeeh Smart Counter: The device is available with an integrated CNC button. This helps in keeping a good track of tasbeeh counts all the time. The user clicks the button for counting purposes. The device starts vibrating whenever the count reaches numbers like 33, 66, 99, or 100.
Usage Hours: The device is designed with a high-capacity battery. It is available with a portable charging case where the ring is placed when it is not in use. It can be charged by connecting it to a computer or an adapter using a USB port.
The smart ring is extremely useful and can make great gift items for Muslims. It is quality tested and performs well under all circumstances.
About iQibla:
iQibla is the website that offers Zikr1, a smart ring for the Muslims helping them to keep track with Tabeeh counts and prayer times. The products were developed keeping in mind the need of Muslims to have a device that would remind them of prayer timings.
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