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The Devil in Me has a few trophies that require some artistic flair from your team’s resident photographer to earn. This is how to get them all.
One of five player characters from The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, Mark is your group’s director of photography at Lonnit Entertainment. Mark begins the story of The Devil in Me by saying he’s got a degree in photography from UCLA and that he can’t wait to get back to taking pictures he feels actually mean something.
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Luckily Mark gets his wish throughout the group's night at the Murder Hotel. As long as it's intact, Mark’s camera is available for use every time you control him in the game. Follow along with our guide to earn two separate achievements/trophies relating to Mark's photography.
Whenever you’re playing a scene from The Devil in Me as Mark, you’ll have the opportunity to use your camera. This is displayed the first time you’re controlling him, during the Scouting scene.
As soon as you gain control of Mark after his talk with Kate, the game explains that he can use his camera to collect photographic evidence of the things you’ll see throughout the night.
However, it’s worth noting that Mark can easily lose his camera if you’re not careful during the beginning section of the Workshop scene. In it, Mark has just fallen down a trap door, and if you don’t complete the first QTE of the scene after he falls out of the chute, the camera falls into a vat of acid. If this happens, Mark can no longer use the camera, so go into the section prepared for a QTE!
Even if you drop the camera, Mark retains the flash, which he can use as a handheld light in subsequent chapters. However, the camera itself is gone for the rest of your playthrough.
One of the accolades obtainable in The Devil in Me is called Say Cheese, and to get it, Mark must take a photo of every member of the Lonnit Entertainment crew.
It’s important to note, however, that this trophy/achievement cannot be earned if you only play Theatrical Cut of the game. Kate, Charlie, and Erin are no problem. Unfortunately, Jamie is never around when you can use Mark’s camera, even if she survives the night on the island. To get her photo, you need to play the Curator’s Cut of the game.
The Scene

She’s standing by her room as soon as you can use your camera.

Erin must survive until this scene, as she’s separated from Mark until then.

Mark needs to side with Charlie in Erin’s accusations in order to bring Charlie along with the group. You can take his photo inside.

Opportunity (Curator's Cut)
You play the scene as Mark instead of Charlie in the Curator’s Cut, meaning you can snag a photo of Jamie before you go exploring.

The photo Mark can take of Jamie during the Opportunity (Curator's Cut) scene is actually of everyone standing together. If you'd like to wait to collect crew photos until the Curator's Cut, you can get all four of them in one photo here, earning you the trophy in a single click.
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Almost any time Mark is your player character (if he still has his camera after the Workshop scene), he can collect photo evidence of Du'Met's crimes. Jamie urges Mark in this direction during the Plan scene as well.
You’ll know this is a collectible crime scene photo when your camera’s central reticle turns green.
There are more crime scene photos to be found in the Curator’s Cut, but the photo ops in the Theatrical Cut are enough to unlock the 'Crime Scene Photographer' achievement/trophy.
Photo Subject

The library, first room.
The gash in the desk, just after the clock jumpscare.

The library, second rooms.
The door on the first floor of the second area after you climb down from the ladder.

The dining room.
All five mannequins at the table.

The first room of the workshop.
The vat of acid just after you gain control of Mark.

The boxes on the shelves, by some small tire tracks in a puddle.

The second room of the workshop.
The Kate mannequin.

The bloody mannequin that you can push the button to electrocute.

Inside the empty pool.
The headless mannequin and its human hand.

Along the edge of the pool.
The light post that is still working.

Taken from the pool deck.
The main hotel building.

Inside the changing room building.
The headless mannequin holding a towel.

One of the changing room stalls.
The gore on the wall.

Taken from the pier.
The lighthouse.

The first floor of the curing facility.
The pile of bloody clothes on one of the tables in the first room.

Inside the curing facility (after Du’Met leaves).
The bodies hanging from the ceiling.

Past a medical curtain (after Du’Met leaves).
The fresh corpse on the table.

The second-floor bedroom, at the computer desk.
The tape recorders playing the doctored messages "from Charlie".

A grim but important thing to note is that you only play Cliffside as Mark if Charlie is dead. You'll have had a chance to kill him during the Ignition scene, as well as in the Waste Disposal machine.
Charlie can die during the Cliffside scene, but even if he does, it isn't until after you get inside, so you'll already have missed the photo of the lighthouse on the way in. If you're trying for the Crime Scene achievement/trophy, Charlie cannot be alive at the start of Cliffside.
One thing that can lock you out of a few crime scene photo ops is if Mark is caught during the Workshop scene. If he is, the scene ends prematurely with Du'Met catching him, which ends your exploration immediately.
With these things in mind, happy photographing!
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