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Editor’s note: The following article was published first on College Gym News.
The national signing period opened earlier this month, and we saw nearly 300 gymnasts sign National Letters of Intent or hold ceremonial signings to reaffirm their commitment to their college programs of choice. Now that the majority of recruits have signed, it’s time for our signing class rankings!
We calculated these rankings with a formula that uses a gymnast’s total points from our recruit ratings system, as well as other metrics largely based on USA Gymnastics level 10 scores for unrated gymnasts. The formula aimed for a balance of quality and quantity so that a class of seven gymnasts would not necessarily be ranked higher than a class of three. In this formula, we only included gymnasts who were either announced as signees by their future school or whom we could confirm held ceremonial signings on or after National Signing Day. All signees from last week are counted, including those that will graduate early and join their teams this January and those that will defer enrollment until after the Olympics.
For a full list of who signed, see our tracker. For more information on each individual recruit, visit our recruit database.
1. Georgia
2. Stanford
3. LSU
4. Oklahoma
5. Alabama
6. Utah
7. Florida
8. Washington
9. Kentucky
10. California
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11. Auburn
12. Minnesota
13. Iowa
14. Pittsburgh
15. Iowa State
16. Utah State
17. North Carolina
18. Missouri
19. Oregon State
20. Ohio State
21. Denver
22. Nebraska
23. Michigan State
24. Arizona
25. UCLA

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