Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

TDT | Manama                          
The Daily Tribune –   
Reported by Zahra Ayaz
Torrential rain and thunderstorms created flood and commotion on the roads yesterday, resulting in long traffic jams throughout the Kingdom.
Drivers are urged by the General Directorate of Traffic to use caution in the rain by staying in their lanes, going no faster than the posted speed limit, and maintaining a safe following distance.
On Twitter, the Civil Defense advises people to heed warnings and instructions, including refraining from using wet electrical equipment and tools.

According to the forecast by the Meteorological Directorate, there will be cool and cloudy weather. Yesterday, a maximum temperature of 19 degrees Celsius and a low temperature of 14 degrees Celsius were both recorded.
Authorities had to work promptly to ease the inconvenience caused to citizens and residents due to heavy rain. Locals spoke to The Daily Tribune: “We daily commuters are seeking alternative routes to escape congestion since there has been a major traffic gridlock on Salmaniya Avenue starting from Andalus Garden towards Salmaniya hospital.
However, many of the inner roads in Manama and Salmaniya are flooded, making it difficult to remove a car from those narrow streets.
“We were trapped in heavy traffic on the way home from work, and many people were driving extremely slowly because there was a risk of accidents and the roads were slick.
“Authorities should take action and let ‘Rain Emergency Team’ take up the situation to clean waterlogged areas especially around hospitals, parks, mosques and other public places.”
A lot of individuals are embracing weather changes, posting pictures and videos of rain on social media platforms, and finally feeling relieved that the Kingdom’s summer is over.
MD Farhad tweeted a video of rain and quoted, “A small view of the rain in Bahrain, finally after one year of waiting it is amazing and it feels so greenery in here.” Another user Belal tweeted, “It is raining so heavily that even the data inside the car can’t work properly.”
Afrah tweeted, “Slept early and woke up to the sound of rain and thunder.” Jo Christiansen complained, tweeting, “Because of the heavy rain, water is coming inside my hall and room through the window although it rained only for a day.”
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