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All up, 100 hours were needed to detail and protect this Ferrari 458 Speciale
Ferrari’s hardcore 458 Speciale Aperta is an absolute weapon and this particular example is finer than most thanks to its picture-perfect paint scheme.

It would be nice for high-end cars like Ferraris to leave the factory with paint free of even the most minor imperfections. However, the truth is that even for cars like the 458 Speciale, it simply doesn’t make financial sense for the Italian marque to spend hours and hours perfecting the paint of each one before customers take delivery.
That’s where a detailing shop like Topaz comes in. The British company has established itself as one of the nation’s most respected detailers and it is easy to understand why, particularly after watching the video below.
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This 458 Speciale was in desperate need of a detail when it arrived at Topaz. To remove the orange peel, the car’s clear coat was initially dry sanded before the entire exterior was wet sanded. The paint then went through a laborious polishing stage to make it look perfect. The owner could have decided that was enough, but paint, no matter how pristine it is, will eventually get scuffed and scratched over time. Consequently, the car was fitted with a clear protective film to make sure the paint never looks more than a day old.
All up, Topaz says it spent roughly 100 hours detailing and protecting the paint of the car. We have no doubt this is a costly process, but for a car as limited (and pricey) as the 458 Speciale A, it will no doubt prove to be a good investment.


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