Mon. May 29th, 2023

India’s right-wing ecosystem is angry and a fringe outfit is protesting because Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone wore an orange coloured bikini for a song in a new movie alongside Shah Rukh Khan.
The reason for their anger is because the song for the Hindi-language movie Pathaan is called Besharam Rang, which translates to “shameless colour”.
The colour saffron – a shade of yellow or orange – is considered holy by adherents of the Hindu religion.
Both the Indian actors on Wednesday attracted the ire of Narottam Mishra, a regional leader and state minister of the ruling right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party, who has weighed in on similar matters in the past.
Mr Mishra, also the home minister of the BJP-ruled central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, objected to the costume worn by Ms Padukone as well as the colour of the attire worn by her and Mr Khan, demanding its “rectification”.
“Deepika Padukone’s attire in the song is prima facie highly objectionable,” Mr Mishra said.
“The filming of the song clearly reflects a contaminated mentality… The visuals and costumes from the song should be corrected, otherwise, it will be a question to be considered whether the film should be allowed in Madhya Pradesh or not,” he added.
His comments were soon followed by protests in the state demanding a ban on the film slated to hit screens in January next year.
Members of a fringe right-wing outfit identifying itself as “Veer Shivaji Group” gathered in Indore city and burned effigies of the two actors. Shivaji was a 17th-century Indian warrior king.
Rajesh Kesarwani, another member of prime minister Narendra Modi’s BJP from the Uttar Pradesh state, criticised the song.
He called the use of the colour in the song “an insult to the Hindu community”.
“Vulgarity with saffron colour was being committed in a song in the movie and it is an insult to the Hindu community and Sanatan [term used by Hindus for Hinduism] culture. Hence, we have expressed our concern,” he said.
Indian films and actors have been on the receiving end by the BJP over symbolism around the Hindu religion. Earlier in July, a Toronto museum apologised for featuring content by an Indian filmmaker depicting the Hindu goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette that “inadvertently caused offence” to some people.
Mr Modi’s right-wing government has been accused by critics of violating the rights of minorities and orchestrating the erosion of religious freedom in India. The US state department’s annual report on international religious freedom stated that religious minorities in India faced intimidation throughout 2021.
India's Health Minister, Mansukh Mandaviya, asked pharma companies and senior government officials to review availability of medicines, and monitor their stocks and prices in a meeting on Thursday, the source told Reuters. The pharma companies were also asked to keep a close watch on the global supply chain scenario and ensure adequate stocks and availability of all drugs including COVID drugs, the source said.
The North has test fired nearly 80 missiles in 2022
Pele is revered in Brazil as the eternal "King of Football."
France and Britain on Friday joined a growing list of nations imposing Covid tests on travelers from China, after Beijing dropped foreign travel curbs despite surging cases — and amid questions about its data reporting.
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) -Former Pope Benedict, the first pontiff in 600 years to resign and a standard bearer for conservatives who yearned for a more traditional Church, died on Saturday, ending an extraordinary period in which two men wearing white lived in the Vatican. Benedict, 95, died in a former monastery where he had lived since his shock resignation in 2013. In his first comment in public after the death, Pope Francis said the Church and the world had lost a noble, gentle person.
Travellers from China now face restrictions when entering more than a dozen countries as concern grows over its surge in Covid-19 cases, with Australia the latest to demand a negative test before arrival.
The World Health Organization met Chinese officials for talks on Friday about the surge in Covid-19 cases, urging them to share real-time data so other countries can respond effectively.
Hermit kingdom’s leader also wants to ‘overwhelmingly beef up military muscle’
North Korea fired one short-range ballistic missile into the sea on Sunday, the South Korean military reported, as Pyongyang pressed on with last year's record-breaking blitz of launches.
Croatia was counting the last hours Saturday before switching to the euro and entering Europe's passport-free zone — two milestone steps for the country since joining the EU nearly a decade ago.
Pope Francis will address the Catholic faithful on Sunday at the Vatican, the day after the death of his predecessor at the age of 95.
North Korea's Kim Jong Un has called for a major increase in the country's nuclear arsenal, including mass producing tactical nuclear weapons and developing new missiles for nuclear counterstrikes, state media said Sunday.
Wall Street stocks saw their worst year since 2008 on Friday, after a "terrible" period shaken by inflation and aggressive moves to rein in costs.
Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant is in "high spirits" and recovering from surgery after his horror car crash but will likely miss the upcoming Test series against Australia, media reports said Sunday.
Local residents say a loud explosion was heard before 8am local time on New Year’s Day
More than 45,000 migrants crossed the Channel to the UK from mainland Europe in 2022, surpassing the previous year's record by more than 17,000, according to government figures released Sunday.
China appointed US ambassador Qin Gang as its new foreign minister on Friday, state media reported, installing a top diplomat known for tough talk against the West.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is set to be inaugurated Sunday for a third term as Brazilian president, in a ceremony snubbed by outgoing leader Jair Bolsonaro, underlining the deep divisions the veteran leftist inherits.
Cristiano Ronaldo on Friday signed for Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia, the club announced, in a deal believed to be worth more than 200 million euros.
An Afghan academic who caused a storm by quitting and tearing up his degree certificates on live television to protest the ban on women in universities has vowed to fight the order "even if it costs my life".


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