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Disease Outbreaks / Monkeypox
Global Update (non-endemic countries): As of 6 December 2022, 82,147 confirmed cases of mpox and 252 deaths were reported from 110 countries/territories globally. The countries reporting the majority of cases are mainly in Europe and the Americas. On 28 November 2022, the World Health Organization, under their International Classification of Disease mandate, declared the change of the name “monkeypox” to “mpox”. This change has been reflected in the current brief.
Africa update (endemic and non-endemic countries): Since the beginning of 2022, the continent has reported the continent has reported 1,089 confirmed cases and 202 deaths (CFR: 18.5%) of mpox from eight endemic Africa Union (AU) Member States (MS): Benin (3 confirmed cases; 0 confirmed deaths), Cameroon (18; 3), CAR (8; 2), Congo (5; 3), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (257; 181), Ghana (107; 4), Liberia (3; 0), Nigeria (659; 7) and five non-endemic MS: Egypt (2; 0), Morocco (3; 0), Mozambique (1; 1), South Africa (5; 0) and Sudan (18; 1). This week, 42 confirmed new cases and no new deaths from mpox were reported from Nigeria (35 cases; 0 deaths) and Sudan (7; 0).
Nigeria: Since the last report, (18 November 2022), NCDC reported 35 new confirmed cases and no new death from mpox. This is a 75% increase in the number of new confirmed cases compared to the last brief. Cumulatively, 659 confirmed cases and seven deaths (CFR: 1%) were reported from 36 states and the federal capital.
Sudan: Since the last report (23 September 2022), the MoH reported seven new confirmed cases and no new deaths from mpox. This is a more than 25% increase in the number of new cases compared to the last brief. Cumulatively, 18 confirmed cases and one death (CFR: 5.5%) were reported from six states: West Darfur (8 cases; 1 death), North Darfur (3; 0), Gedaref (3; 0), Khartoum (2; 0), Central Darfur (1; 0) and Kassala (1; 0).

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