Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

10,044 couples tied the knots in a huge joint ceremony in Yemen.
In the ceremony held in front of a mosque in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, the couples celebrated the wedding ceremony and started a new life together.
Wearing traditional clothes with swords to their waists, the youth started their life together amid the economic problems facing the country. These problems have been caused due to more than seven years of war imposed on Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition coupled with economic blockade.
Sword dance, mass dances, and cheering were among the programs of the mass wedding ceremony.
Zakat Public institute was the sponsor of the program.
It was the third year that mass wedding was held in the Republic of Yemen.
Zakat Institute has announced that the ceremony is for those who could not afford to get married and poverty locked them in a single life.
The mass wedding included orphans, those disabled in the war, some foreign nationals living in Yemen, and other victims of the economic blockade.
The ceremony is one of the biggest ones in Yemen and neighboring countries in which officials and media attended.
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