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The Princess of Wales is known for her healthy lifestyle, working hard to stay fit and well, with running, weightlifting, cycling and rowing all key to her exercise regime.
However, the royal might need to make some changes to her exercise regime now that she’s turned 41. According to experts, the exercises she does are well-suited to her age, but Prince William‘s wife will need to add in a few extra elements now.

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“On a daily basis, someone in their forties should aim for moderate aerobic activity for 30 minutes daily,” says personal trainer Chris Ruxton, who works with Deep Heat – Princess Kate definitely has that covered!
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Chris also says people 41 and over should include muscle-strengthening exercises for all their major muscle groups three days a week -another box the Princess of Wales already has ticked with her penchant for weightlifting.
The difference Princess Kate might not be expecting is that she could find she becomes more prone to aches and pains from exercise now she’s turned 41.

Princess Kate will need to add a few things into her routine now she’s 41

“Musculoskeletal pain can become quite common in our forties,” Chris warns. The musculoskeletal system includes your bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues, so can impact the whole body.
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To limit pain, Chris advises that Princess Kate should include cardio, weight-bearing, muscle and core strengthening, resistance and stretching sessions into her routine, to improve cardiovascular and metabolic fitness and lower her risk of bone and muscle loss.

Princess Kate and Prince William lead an active lifestyle
Chris also notes that Princess Kate should take special care to guard her knees. “This is a key area for injuries in the over 40s,” he says.
Chris recommends gradually increasing weights and slowly increasing running and jumping activities, as well as ensuring she warms up and cools down effectively, to safeguard her knees.
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