Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

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You voted The Cliffs of Moher as Ireland’s top visitor attraction in our Reader Travel Awards
The Cliffs of Moher. Picture: Chaosheng Zhang
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The Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s top visitor attraction, our readers say, offering “unrivalled spectacle”, “out-of-this-world scenery” and “stunning views”.
These cliffs represent “the Wild Atlantic Way at its finest”, you told us. “They always take your breath away, even more so on stormy days!”
The 700ft views are “the image that captures what Ireland is about” (read the full results of our Reader Travel Awards here).
But there’s more to these “iconic” cliffs than… well, cliffs.
A “ fabulous coastal walk” runs from Doolin to the cliffs and beyond; a visitor centre interprets the geology and wildlife of the area; O’Brien’s tower has been restored; and there are cafes, craft and gift stores to enjoy.
You also highlighted the nearby Burren, boat trips beneath the cliffs, and Co Clare towns like Doolin, Lahinch and Kilkee.

Judges noted that this is a busy attraction at peak times, but one making ongoing efforts to evolve sustainably — spreading visitors over the day with dynamic pricing, for example (prices range from €7 in the early morning though to €10 at peak times and €8 in the evening), and opening more accessible services (a “lifts of Moher” vehicle is available on request), and shuttle bus links.
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Readers complimented the “fantastic” and “friendly” staff, an experience that is “organised and clean”, and an iconic destination that “just has that magical feel”.

It was clear that the outdoors element to the visitor experience resonates — the wildness and connection to nature and the elements. The word “breathtaking” featured multiple times, and you often touched on how immersive and captivating a visit can be in all seasons, in “the weather extremes”.
“You see the power of nature up close,” you told us. “It feels like standing on the edge of the world… It reminds me of how small I am in the world, and grounds me.”
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"It’s majestic,” you said simply.
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“Beauty, history and calm. A walk I would do again and again!”
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“It is just geared for everything. We cannot wait to return.”
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