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Make your writing even better with Grammarly
Google Docs is the word processor used by many for writing everything from articles to emails. Writing is hard, so many lean on Docs' built-in spell checker to improve their writing. The native spell checker works well, but third-party services may offer better suggestions. Grammarly is one of the best Google Chrome extensions and offers a more enhanced check of your spelling and grammar. And if you've recently swapped out your laptop for a top-of-the-line Chromebook, you're probably missing Microsoft Word's Editor and other advanced features. Don't worry, Grammarly is a soilid addition to Google Docs that rivals Microsoft Editor.
To start using Grammarly, you first have to install it.
After a moment, Grammarly is installed in your Chrome browser. You can install Grammarly in other popular browsers such as Safari, Edge, and Firefox, but your best experience will be using Chrome.
Since Grammarly is now installed, let's make sure it's enabled and ready for use in Google Docs.
Now that Grammarly is installed and enabled, let's use it in a Google Doc. Grammarly has a number of different features when using it in Google Docs. Let's take a look and what Grammarly can do.
Using Grammarly in Google Docs is a simple way to improve your writing. Just install it, enable it, and you're good to go. Yes, Google's word processor is a powerful tool, and you can make it even more useful with some of our favorite Google Docs tips and tricks.
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