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Facts About the Assassination Attempt on Mohammed Bin Salman
On August 2, 2018, an attempt was made on the life of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. While many questions still remain unanswered, it is known that a group of assassins were preparing to kill the prince with bombs and guns when they were stopped by members of the Saudi Royal Guard. The fact that the crown prince was protected by a taweez is being hailed as one of the reasons he survived the assassination attempt. What are the facts about this assassination attempt? Who prepare the taweez for Mohammed bin Salman? How the prince got his taweez? What other benefits has the protection taweez for the prince? Why taweez are banned in Saudi Arabia?
How Did Mohammed Bin Salman Get His Taweez
When the assassination attempt was planned on the life of Mohammed bin Salman, his protection taweez played a very important role. The prince had a close friend who was aware of the plan and who prepare the taweez for him. When the time came, the prince wore the taweez under his clothes and it saved his life. The story of how Mohammed bin Salman got his protection taweez is an interesting one. It highlights the importance of having a protective amulet in times of danger. Not only did the taweez protect the prince from being killed, but it also gave him courage and strength in face of danger. Since then, Mohammed bin Salman has become a strong advocate for taweez and has even banned their sale in Saudi Arabia. He believes that every person should have access to this form of protection and that it can help save lives in times of danger.
Benefits of Taweez for Mohammed Bin Salman
When the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was targeted by an assassination attempt, his life was saved by a protection taweez that he wore around his neck. The details of this attempted assassination are still being investigated, but what is known is that a team of 15 assassins was sent to kill the prince. They were all killed by Saudi security forces before they could reach their target. What is not clear is how the prince got his hands on a protection tawez. It is possible that he had it prepared for him by a well-known spiritual healer, or that he obtained it through a personal connection.
What is known is that the taweez has provided benefits for the prince beyond just protection from assassination. It is said to have given him strength and courage in times of need, and has helped him to overcome personal challenges. Taweez are banned in Saudi Arabia, but it seems that this particular one was allowed to be used because of its life-saving properties.
Who Prepared the Taweez for the Prince
As per reports, it was a spiritual healer from a village in Syria who prepared the taweez for prince Mohammed bin Salman. He had been consulted earlier by the Prince’s family and advised them to create a special charm with verses of Quran on it, as this could help protect him from any harm. The prince followed the advice and asked his father to arrange for the taweez, which he then wore around his neck whenever he was traveling.
However, it is unclear what other benefits did this taweez give to the Prince other than saving his life during this assassination attempt. But, one thing is certain that this unbelievable incident raised awareness around taweez and its potential powers among Muslims across Saudi Arabia. In fact, this incident has also made wearing such charms controversial in Saudi Arabia as thereafter, wearing such amulets has been banned in the country.
How Did the Prince Get His Taweez?
You must be thinking how the prince got his taweez. The prince was advised to use a taweez for protection and he procured it from a renowned Islamic scholar. Rumor has it that the taweez was prepared using Muslim prayer beads and special ayats from the Quran. The scholar also prayed for the prince’s safety and bestowed him with a blessing before giving the taweez to him.
The Prince wore the taweez at all times and, coincidentally, on the day of his attempted assassination, he was wearing it. It is believed that this was one of the major reasons why he survived this assassination attempt without any unpleasant consequences. It is truly amazing how something so simple and small as a taweez can keep someone safe from harm!
Why Taweez Are Banned in Saudi Arabia?
You might be wondering why taweez are banned in Saudi Arabia. Well, it is believed that taweez contain Koranic verses and prayers which when used charmed objects and spells can provide magical protection. This belief is contrary to the teachings of Islam, which emphasizes that only Allah can protect us from harm.
The Saudi government has officially declared the practice of using taweez as forbidden and punishable by law. Many religious scholars have come out to assert that such practices have no basis in Islam, and therefore should be avoided as they may lead to spiritual consequences or even cause physical harm if used improperly or for malicious intention.
Despite the ban, many people continue to practice it due to its perceived power in providing protection against evil forces or in warding off bad luck. However, the proper use of taweez needs to be understood fully before it should be used, as misuse can have dire consequences.
What Is the Significance of Protection Taweez in Muslims’ Life
Protection taweez have been an integral part of Muslims lives for centuries. They are known to provide divine protection to the person who wears them. Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s protection taweez saved his life in this assassination attempt, proving the power of taweez.
The most common use of taweez is for protection against evil eye, bad luck, and other forms of negative energy. The wearer can also experience physical and mental healing and gain spiritual strength through them. They are also believed to provide good luck and prosperity to the wearer.
Taweez are also used for warding off black magic, jinns, and other forms of spiritual evil from a person or place. It is a popular belief among Muslims that these protective charms can act as shields against enemies attacking from all sides.
Though taweez are a powerful form of protection, they can’t work if you don’t have faith in them or if you don’t wear them properly. It is important to get your talisman from a professional practitioner who has expertise in preparing such blessed charms so that it may be effective in warding off all kinds of negative energy and bring prosperity in your life.
The Protection Taweez: What Is It and Why It Is Important
The protection taweez is a type of amulet worn by Prince Mohammed bin Salman for protection against bad luck and evil forces. It is believed to protect the prince from any harm or bad fortune. The taweez has been credited for saving his life during an assassination attempt in 2018.
The taweez is said to be made from pieces of sacred material that are cut, folded and placed into an envelope with other materials. The whole thing is then sewn together, with a special Quranic verse, or dua, written on the outside. This protective charm is then hung around the prince’s neck or attached to his clothing, providing a physical barrier between him and any negative energy or forces that could harm him.
It’s not clear who exactly crafted the taweez for Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but it’s believed to have been a local imam or religious cleric. It is thought that they used powerful magic formulas to charge the amulet with spiritual power and protection. Whatever its source, the taweez certainly seems to have done its job in protecting the prince during his near-death experience.


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