Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

The drone show is free, and you can only watch it this month. Find out the timings.
Dubai: If you have seen the viral drone light show on your social media feed, you only have until January 29 to catch the show.
Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) Drone Light Show is in its third edition, and it runs daily at 7pm and 10pm on Bluewater’s Island and The Beach, JBR.
It’s a free event, but you might want to arrive early to secure a good spot.
It is the longest-running drone light show in the region, and every evening the 3D Drone performance features choreography that shows UAE landmarks.
Each show has a different theme, and the first show, which happens at 7pm, is inspired by a day in the life of a tourist in Dubai and takes viewers on the journey of a tourist’s first time in Dubai.
The second show, titled ‘Future of Dubai’, gives the audience a peek into what Dubai will look like in 2040, and its theme is related to sustainability and technology in the future.
If, instead, you want to catch the DSF fireworks that take place every day, there is a specific location schedule you have to refer to. Click here to know more.

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