Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

The Forward Store was born with the ambition of giving new life to products
Golden Goose’s unique concept of the Forward Store comes to the Middle East for the first time, offering truly bespoke services for sneaker restorations and personalised tailoring
Italian artisanal sneaker brand Golden Goose has just announced the opening of its first Forward Store in the Middle East with its initial offset in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates.
With a responsible future the core of the concept, Golden Goose unveiled its Forward Agenda last March with the commitment to lead the way in the world of repairing, that is to say, lengthening a product’s life cycle with a sustainable and innovative effort in recycling fashion.
“The Forward Store was born with the ambition of giving new life to products, to those items that people cherish the most, giving them new life so that they can continue collecting experiences and writing new stories with them. It’s about experiences, instants, memories that our lovers are willing to share with us and relish within their favourite products,” said Silvio Campara, Golden Goose CEO.
The Forward Store allows anyone to bring in their sneakers, regardless of brand, and have them professionally restored through the Calzoleria and Sartoria services offered by the artisanal laboratory. It’s all about the four pillars of the Forward Store: Repair, Remake, Resell, and Recycle.
“For over twenty years, Golden Goose has been committed to promote its handmade and artisanal tradition and to support the people behind these magnificent crafts, from the artisans to the tailors, to small local artists, among many others,” said Campara. “The co-action between the Golden Goose’s cobblers and the clients will become a key element to this mission. From sustainability to responsibility. From co-creation to co-action.”
Alongside services offering a complete customisation and bespoke personalisation that gives customers an opportunity to complete unique items, clients can also choose from a wide range of ornaments, finishings, embroidery, and even hand painted drawings. In addition, the Forward Store offers a Made to Measure service for tailoring suits and dresses as well as leather jackets, and you can even work with a cobbler to create a pair of sneakers from scratch.

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