Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

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Cam Olver Presents His Debut EP: “Staying In”

After returning from studying at Berklee College of Music, Cam Olver is re-entering the Fort Collins music scene with a bang: an EP and accompanying release show titled “Staying In.” Join him at Avogadro’s Number on Friday, December 16 at 8 pm for great food, drink, and music. Tickets are available at
“I’m calling it ‘Staying In’ just because I’m a big fan of staying in, I think, this is a very calm, relaxing, internally focused music, if you will, it’s not like a big party thing. It’s something you put on while you sip your scotch and just sit by the fire or something like that,” Cam said in a previous interview with New Scene. “There’s going to be five tracks, and there are samples of two of them on my website right now, so those are available at the moment.”
Cam can do anything on just one guitar. Without a band, he creates lavish and complex arrangements that push the limits of the instrument. He is his own drummer, rhythm, and lead guitarist. The event will feature performances of Cam’s new originals and covers, including pop songs by artists like Glass Animals. Also featured are limited edition merch and a delicious spiked hot chocolate. Cam’s music and percussive playing style will draw you in, and if you’re looking to hear something new, then “Staying In” is a must-see!
“It’s called contemporary fingerstyle, so it’s a cool combination of stylistic influences, and its sort of like almost a pop music focus like you can have people do different versions of pop tunes or originals, but it’s a very progressive form of music,” Cam said. “It uses a lot of extended playing techniques like tapping or progression on the instrument or harmonics, all of these different types of techniques to create essentially your own entire band, so it’s not just like playing a chord and a melody, it’s like playing layers as if you were a band but you’re doing it all yourself.”
Cam grew up in Fort Collins and has participated in the music scene ever since he was able. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, he is very excited to return to his roots and continue performing at the beautiful venues of the city. 
Cam can be found at cam.olver on TikTok, Instagram, at, and Cam Olver on YouTube
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