Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

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Qatar is the first Muslim country all groomed to host the grand FIFA World Cup 2022 and it is delivering a top-notch experience to the visitors from across the world. While it does so, it is winning hearts globally and that too for all the right reasons.
Hosting one of the biggest sporting events of the world, Qatar has not squandered the opportunity to promote Islam and dispel the negatives regarding the faith which is followed by billions of people around the world.
Probably unlike not all but many other Muslim nations who wouldn’t want to upset the western nations with their values, Qatar stands firm on its ground.
At every stride from hotels to the stadiums, the event organizers have ensured that message of Islam is delivered in a mild manner.
It was probably the first time when the audience attending the inaugural match of the mega event were given goodies in what was reflection of hospitality encouraged in Islam.

Other foundational rules are also strictly in check. Alcohol which is strictly prohibited in Islam will not be allowed even to the foreigners at the stadiums in Qatar.
Guaranteeing an extravagant experience, Qatar made sure the visitors don’t miss out on the beauty and magniloquence that the Azan beholds. For that reason, they have brought muezzins with beautiful voices and set up microphones in stadiums for Azan too.

By virtue of that, prayer areas have also been allocated in the stadiums.
The host has taken several other steps for visitors to give them an experience of what Islam really preaches.

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