Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

As Andrew Tate continues to make headlines worldwide, rumors of his passing lurk on social media as well. Recently, journalist Piers Morgan’s Twitter account claimed that the influencer had passed away. However, the disgraced internet personality is alive and well.
Speculation about Andrew Tate’s passing circulated on the internet after Piers Morgan’s Twitter account announced on December 27:
According to sources, over 4.6 million Twitter users read the tweet, leaving the internet in chaos.
The 36-year-old influencer has appeared three times on Pier’s Morgan’s show. The two appear to have built a unique friendship, leading netizens to believe the journalist’s announcement. However, the social media personality is very much alive.
After news of Tate’s death spread like wildfire across social media platforms, he took to Twitter to respond to Piers Mogan’s tweet. He jokingly said- “hard to kill.”
The aforementioned death hoax about Andrew Tate was not the only tweet about the influencer that made it to Morgan’s twitter account. The account also posted another Tate-related tweet that read- “I like Andrew Tate’s c***.”
It has also since been reported that Piers Morgan’s Twitter account was hacked by a group called The Chuckling. Not only did they tweet about Tate on Morgan’s Twitter account, but they also even put the late Queen Elizabeth II, Ed Sheeran and Lionel Messi on blast.
Nearly an hour after the hack, the social media platform took action against the attack and removed the majority of the tweets that were not posted by Morgan. Instead, it was replaced with a message stating- “This Tweet is unavailable.”
It can also be confirmed that Andrew Tate is still alive as he and his brother Tristan were arrested in Bucharest, Romania on suspicion of human trafficking, forming an organized crime group and r*pe.
The social media influencer was arrested just two days after Piers Morgan’s Twitter account tweeted about him. The aforementioned allegations came into being after an investigation found that the Tate brothers were alleged to have kept six women under house arrest “like prisoners” to take part in p*rnographphic videos which would find their way online.
The Tate brother and Andrew’s “angels” have since been placed behind bars and were to remain there for thirty days.
Through an investigation, it was found that the Tate brothers recruited, coerced, and exploited them into “forced labour… and p*rnographic acts with a view to producing and disseminating such material” “to obtain substantial financial benefits.”
It was discovered that the duo used to lure female victims by using the “loverboy method” where they made false promises of loving and intending to marry them.
The victims, who have not been identified, were then reportedly transported to buildings on the outskirts of the Romanian capital of Bucharest, where they were “s*xually exploited” as per police officials.
Law enforcement revealed that undercover Romanian police had been tracking the Tate brothers for months. Andrew’s online feud with climate activist Greta Thunberg eventually led to his arrest.
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