Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

An Iranian political expert has said the stance of the leaders of China, South Korea and Iraq on Iran show that they think it’s the right time to attack the Islamic Republic’s interests or at least ignore its interests.
Hassan Beheshtipour was referring to the statements of the high-ranking officials of China, South Korea and Iraq about Iran.
He told Entekhab news outlet the remarks of the officials indicate that they wrongly think Iran’s position is weak and they want to support the international campaign against Tehran.
Beheshtipour said Iran thinks its position is not weak but the foreign countries believe otherwise and that’s why they are ignoring Iran’s national interests and say what is at odds with Tehran’s interests.
Chinese and Iraqi officials recently used the fake phrase Arabian Gulf to refer to the Persian Gulf.
South Korea’s president also made some direct anti-Iran remarks during a visit to the United Arab Emirates and described Tehran as the UAE’s enemy.

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