Thu. Jun 8th, 2023


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The spat between the government and the governor is continuing. The reports that came in said about half a crore was spent from the government exchequer for the legal advice related to Governor Arif Mohammed Khan not signing the bills passed by the assembly. Reports said more than 3 crore 63 lakh was spent for legal advice alone after this government came to power.

It is reported that after coming to power, more than three crore sixty-three lakh wwas spent for legal advice alone. Crores were spent on seeking outside legal aid while the government reiterates that the existing systems for legal aid are adequate.
Rs 15 lakh was spent on university bills and consultations on governor’s claim that he had lost pleasure with the finance minister. Reports say since 2016, more than Rs 8 crore were spent outside the government system for the conduct of various cases and legal advices.


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