Mon. May 29th, 2023

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Canada’s Got Talent shares one minute audition clip that leaves viewers on the edge of their seat. This pre-release features a sibling dance trio that wows the judges. The brand new series and this audition premiere on Citytv on Tuesday, March 22.
This Canada’s Got Talent pre-release features the dance group Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers. This sibling trio is made up of Mikey Harris, Jacob Harris, Cieanna Harris three siblings from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The siblings are in matching dance outfits within the preview.
Once they take to the stage, they share that their talent is a mix of first nation dances that include french and scottish stepping. On stage they’re going to perform a traditional Métis dance called the Jig. Being apart of the series is important to them because there’s not many people that dance like them. Every performance is dedicated to their grandfather, Ivan Flett, who passed away.
After they finish talking, the video stays on the reactions of Lilly Singh and Kardinal Offishall until it’s end. Both judges are clearly enjoying the act. Singh gets up and starts dancing at the end. I’m dying to know what this sibling trio does during their Canada’s Got Talent audition.
If you’re like me, you’re dying to know what this traditional dance is going to look like. This group is pretty popular on Facebook, but is yet to be discovered on YouTube or Instagram. Their group social media is filled with their traditional dances, but it seems like they’ve recently created a new form to the traditional dance.
During the coronavirus pandemic, Mikey Harris and his siblings performed the jig along to hip hop songs. Mikey learned the art of jigging from his grandmother at only four years old, so he’s hoping to catch a younger crowd with the new style. The 20 year old choreographer shared multiple videos jigging to hip hop songs on YouTube ever since. Hip hop jig videos can be found on Mikey’s YouTube page, not the official Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers YouTube page. The group’s official page features the traditional dance in it’s pure form.
While it seemed like this trio will perform the traditional dance in their audition, it would be cool to see them bring a hip-hop song to the live shows. Fans of Got Talent have seen judges relentlessly tell contestants that they need to bring something bigger into the next round of the competition. It’s evident from the Harris siblings’ social media that they won’t struggle to do that in the competition. On top of being able to dance, Mikey can sing and Jacob can play guitar.
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