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Hutchinson calls third Trump WH run ‘worst scenario’ in AP interview
— KARK 4 News (@KARK4News) December 13, 2022

Governor Hutchinson is intent on a new way to achieve prominence in the Republican Party — dump on Trump. Good on him.
In an interview with the Associated Press about his consideration of a presidential bid, he reiterated earlier criticism of the lying sociopath. Strong opening paragraph:
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who is considering running for president, on Tuesday called a third Donald Trump White House bid the “worst scenario” for Republicans and said his call for terminating parts of the Constitution hurts the country.
Maybe somebody could ask the incoming governor what she thinks about the current governor’s comment. Asked about Trump’s anti-Constitution declaration the other day, she said she only wanted to talk about Arkansas topics. OK, here’s one.
PS: See the interview on video:
Video from our interview today:
— Andrew DeMillo (@ademillo) December 13, 2022

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