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Samriddhi Jaiswal
|Published 27/12/2022
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Only a few years ago, Formula 1 was not as popular as it is in current times. Not many in America knew or understood Formula 1 even though there were races that took place in the States not many were interested in it.
And therefore, F1 drivers have often been asked about the sport and people are curious to know the intensity of their racing. Lewis Hamilton, one of the most renowned drivers has also been presented with the same question on several occasions.
Describing his experience in the Daily Show with Trever Noah in 2018, Hamilton made a cheeky comment about the Americans.
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The Briton said that it is not strange explaining things to Americans, because they grow up to become NASCAR and IndyCar drivers unlike how it is in Europe.
Furthermore, the $285 Million worth driver explained at the time that every time he meets someone in the States, he’s educating them by telling them something new. Especially when he discusses how much weight he loses after a race, the Americans are left astonished.
The then 4-time world champion cheekily said making a comment on obesity issues in the US, “every time I tell an American that I lose 10 and a half pounds in an hour and 45 minutes, they’re like ‘Wow, I need to be a racing driver.’
Throwback to when @LewisHamilton shared his difficult journey to being the only Black Formula One Driver #TDSThrowback
— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) December 21, 2022
The 7-time world champion is a known social activist and philanthropist. He has launched multiple initiatives like Mission 44 and the Hamilton Commission to help out the underprivileged and unrecognised talents in the community.
But he concedes that there is only so much he can offer. Being a renowned figure and such an outspoken personality, multiple cries for help reach him on daily basis and he is left struggling to pick and choose.
Speaking to the New York Times in a recent interview, the 37-year-old said that there are multiple NGOs that he comes around who are doing big and impactful things. He is often reached to be an ambassador of so many different organisations.
So he just reminds himself that there is only so much of him and he chooses to praise them and makes his presence hoping that it brings more eyes.
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Samriddhi Jaiswal is an F1 editor and writer at The SportsRush. She started her career as a business journalist but soon found her calling in lights out here we go! Samriddhi has been a Ferrari fan even when her interaction with F1 was occasional. Her first real experience with the thrilling sport came when Charles Leclerc clinched his iconic victory in Spa and Monza and painted the track red. Now, a Tifosi, Samriddhi is a hardcore fan of the prancing horse and can relate to the chaos within the Italian camp and also admires Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Off the track, she finds her home in books and musical instruments.
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