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Yazan Muhammed Al Ani.
Mahmoud Mohsen, Staff Reporter
The security teams at Sharjah Police are investigating the incident of a Syrian teenager, 17, Yazan Muhammed Al Ani, who reportedly has been missing for more than week in mysterious circumstances. The investigations are underway to locate him, a police spokesman said. 
The Buhairah Police Station received a report from the teenager’s father who stated that Yazan Muhammed has been missing since Sunday afternoon, as he went for a walk after school. He had to report to the police after he finished all his means to find him.
“My son went out on Sunday, March 26, alone, as usual, to practice walking, and during that he called his mother to tell her that he felt very exhausted, and that he was about to pass out and told her that he was in the Al Majaz area near the Buhairah Police Station,” the boy’s father told Gulf Today newspaper.

“When the boy’s mother arrived at the place where he was, she did not find him, and she tried to contact him but he did not answer, although his phone was connected to the network. She was unable to reach him,” he added.
Yazan Muhammed is a student in the eleventh grade, the man said, noting that he had asked the school administration to allow him to continue school in distance, because he suffers from depression, and in order to stay under the care of the family all the time.
“On the day of his disappearance he was fine and there were no family disputes that necessitated his escape from the house, and that he has no friends and the family does not have relatives in the country,” the man told “Al Khaleej” newspaper.
The boy’s parents were summoned for questioning and to ascertain the circumstances of the incident and the reasons for his absence from the home, while the necessary measures have been taken to carry out search and investigation operations.
The Sharjah Police called on anyone who has information that could help finding the missing boy to call 999 or 06-5111300, noting that he was wearing a white sports T-shirt and black pants.
Passerby said they saw the boy lying unconscious at the site and immediately informed the ambulance and police.
Santosh, a grade 10 student, went missing after he went for his tuitions on Friday morning.
The family explained that Anav went out of the family house in Taawun area in Sharjah around 3.00pm, and did not return home since then.
Police said the girl took the step after her parents took away her cell phone from her as a punishment for scoring low grades in school. So she decided to hide on the roof of the house.

The NCM also stressed that it is following the situation around the clock and will provide the public with the latest developments, appealing to everyone to follow up on the bulletins and reports issued by the NCM and not to circulate rumours.
'It is a majority consensus decision to telecast live," Isa said at the start of proceedings shown live by PTV. Previous attempts to broadcast proceedings live had been blocked by the court. The broadcast was shown uninterrupted by all major TV channels.

The Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi is set to arrive in the country this evening after a successful space mission that is considered the longest in Arab history.

The four had ordered two plates of egg curry and rice at an eatery. The cousins argued over who would pay the bill of Rs115, and in a fit of rage, they killed Chandan Lal, the police said.


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