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Jan. 1 has come and gone, but Lunar New Year festivities are about to begin all over the world. We think the best way to celebrate is with food, and lots of it. Whether you’re hosting a dumpling-making party, searching for a deluxe main course or wanting a sweet treat, we have plenty of dishes from China, Korea, Vietnam and beyond that are sure to bring health, luck and prosperity in the coming year. Find these recipes and more in our Recipe Finder.
Resembling old Chinese gold ingots, once a currency, dumplings are meant to bring wealth in the New Year. They’re also a great way to have all hands on deck in the kitchen. Get the recipe.
Few dishes are as dramatic as a whole fish. This Cantonese-style dish involves a steam and sizzle technique that results in a tender interior and lightly crisped skin. Get the recipe.
As the name indicates, these extra-long noodles signify longevity for diners. They’re a great vegetarian side or main. Get the recipe.
Black sesame paste and rice flour dough are a dynamic duo in these sweet dumplings that come in a delicate ginger-laced broth. Get the recipe.
These savory cakes are a popular Taiwanese dim sum treat. Shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimp and shallots pack an umami punch. Get the recipe.
Lunar New Year recipes: 5 Asian cooks share dishes from their celebrations
Not all holiday food has to be rich or heavy. This brothy soup with chunks of beef and radish has a gentle, clean flavor with nourishing ingredients. This Korean rice cake soup is another hearty option. Get the recipe.
These sweet pineapple-filled bites are a staple for Indonesian Lunar New Year celebrations, also known as Tahun Bahru Imlek. Get the recipe.
Aromatic and savory, these Vietnamese-style braised short ribs are an excellent main for any special occasion. Get the recipe.
These Vietnamese candies strike the ideal balance of nutty and zingy, featuring peanuts, sesame seeds, ginger and orange zest. Get the recipe.
Ngo hiang translates to “five fragrances,” referring to the spice mix that gives the Singaporean pork and shrimp rolls festive flavor. Get the recipe.


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